password manager secure?Easily managing all of your sign-in information securely is one of the main benefits of a password manager. We all have a tendency to reuse the same passwords and let our guard down for websites which we deem to be unimportant for our cybersecurity. On banking websites we might be on our best behavior but a forum or social media? Maybe not. However, these weak links in the chain might leave you vulnerable across the board.

First, let’s have quick refresher on what a strong password is:

Remember, one of the most common ways that hackers can break into accounts is by guessing common passwords. The more difficult your passwords are, the higher the likelihood that a hacker will simply look for easier targets.

Passwords on the Dark Web

A scary reality is that you may not even know your password has been breached. A great way to protect yourself is to annually scope out if your information has been sold on the dark web.

The thought of your information being sold and available online is intimidating, but you might not even have to go to the Dark Web to learn if your password and email address has been compromised. A Google Search just might reveal a list of passwords and emails hackers use with “brute force” software to break into accounts. That is another way to scope out the security of your password, but the fact of the matter is, if you’re online, you can bet that your information has or can be sold on the dark web.

A password manager can help keep good passwords secure

Using a password manager solves several of the problems people tend to have. This software makes it much more comfortable to have a different password for every website. One of the most common reasons why people use the same password across sites is how difficult it is to remember what password goes where. Especially if you don’t use the website daily or often enough for the password to be ingrained.

One of the benefits of password managers is that they’re able to create randomly generated passwords for new sites. These are the most secure passwords possible.

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LastPass is one password manager that we use here at Rush Tech Support.

You can have different passwords for different sites, but only have to remember LastPass’s Master Password.

The best way to protect yourself is through frequent changes to your password and keeping your password unique across all platforms. One of the benefits of password managers is that in the event your password is sold, you can easily change it and then update it in the app.

LastPass is very convenient and can automatically fill in your username and password for your most visited sites. No more struggling to remember all of your usernames and passwords. A few clicks and you’re signed in.

Best of all LastPass’s information is saved locally on your computer. Meaning that there is no chance of large scale exploitation of customer accounts. Lastpass does not store their information on their databases so the incentive for hackers to attempt to attack them is almost zero. With all the company-wide exploits of customer information, this benefit is more important than ever with so many companies being hacked. Unless you started emailing around your Master Password there’s no real way for that information to get out.

Still Use Two-Factor Authorization

Two-Factor Authentication (or 2FA) is one of the most secure ways to ensure that a given account is protected. This is also one of the requirements outlined by the IRS for tax professionals.  It is very unlikely for a third party to get both your password and access to that trusted device. In order for someone to hack into an account set up with 2FA, they would need physical access to a device that is otherwise on your person.

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A password manager like LastPass makes it easy to keep things simple and secure. If you would like assistance setting up LastPass or would like to discuss the other benefits of password managers, give Rush Tech Support a call at (888) 965-0171.

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