Easy Compliance
FTC Safeguards Guide

Get everything you need to know about cyber security compliance and the 2023 FTC Safeguards Rule.

This guide is specifically designed for enrolled agents, that want to get compliant with these new regulations.

Protect Your Firm with the Ultimate FTC Safeguards Guide

With the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cracking down on businesses that don’t have proper safeguards in place, it’s more important than ever to make sure your company is compliant.

That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate FTC Safeguards Guide – a comprehensive resource that will help you safeguard your business, avoid costly penalties, and protect your customers’ personal information.

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The essential FTC safeguards every business needs to have in place
  • How to avoid $50k+ penalties for non-compliance
  • How to create a robust privacy policy that meets FTC guidelines
  • Best practices for data collection and storage to protect your customers’ information
  • Tips for training your employees on safeguarding customer data
  • Policy templates that make compliance simple
  • The 9 requirements all firms must follow.
  • Fast & Easy solutions to each compliance requirement
  • And much more!

Cyber Compliance Deadline Was June 9th, 2023

You may be behind the 8-ball, but still have time to get yourself and your firm compliant before an audit.

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Note: Rush Tech Holdings, LLC does not guarantee compliance by downloading this template. While all policies and questions are directly from the ftc.gov website and approved by an FTC lawyer, the responsibility for compliance is solely for the firm owner.
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